Soaring Roastery Branding


Client|想飛咖啡 Soaring Roastery
Designer|HAA SOO


“Soaring everywhere and beyond”
Focusing on freshly roasted and selecting the ultimate coffee beans, Soaring Roastery is committed to bringing consumers the best taste that is beyond 75% of the market standard and leading consumers to taste the world’s treasures. We pursue excellence and we want to fly higher with consumers. We let consumers everywhere, to make the world’s charm at their fingertips; to let consumers be eager to try and satisfy the taste buds of gourmets who are interested in specialty coffee. The brand identity uses simple color blocks to present the sense of movement and transcendence of the receding earth, and uses organic lines to depict the joy and dynamism of leaping. Extending the brand patterns with brand identity, applied to websites, packaging, coasters, business cards, store cards, brochures, etc. The idea is that Soaring Roastery is not only coffee, but also a voyage to and from the world, a life attitude that turns romance into reality.