SISIGU Mango Packaging


Creative Director|Wang Chia Ying
Art Director|Lin Chieh Hui
Designer|石蘇一一 HAA SOO


Pingtung's SISIGU is a place filled with indigenous cultural atmosphere. Every year, it holds wonderful indigenous festivals that attract many tourists to experience the local enthusiasm and vitality. During the summer season in Nanwan, the local mango harvest is plentiful. SISIGU organizes a variety of activities with mangoes as the main theme, allowing visitors to taste the most delicious local mangoes while also experiencing the beautiful atmosphere of Nanwan's summer. Our design concept for the limited edition mango packaging combines SISIGU's indigenous culture and Nanwan's summer characteristics. The packaging is simple and easy to understand, displaying the origin and variety of the mangoes while incorporating indigenous patterns and unique elements of southern Taiwan to create a unique style of mango packaging design. This design allows people to instantly feel the joy of southern Taiwan's enthusiasm and harvest.