Perfect Care Brand Identity and Packaging


Client|品克生醫醫藥股份有限公司 Perfect Biomedical Co., Ltd.
AD & Designer|HAA SOO​​​​​​​
Paper|紙盒 恆成紙業 新浪厚卡(竹尾 snobleスノーブル) 350g 54T
Photographer|HAA SOO

Perfect Care (Pin-Li) series products launched by Perfect Biomedical Co. are clinically proven pharmaceutical and health care products that insist on creating professional and quality products with effective concentration of raw materials. Therefore, in the color matching of brand identity, the gray has a solid, reliable and stable meaning, which represents the proven value and professional reliability behind the health care products, and the vibrant, bright and cheerful yellow and orange, which make people feel the warmth of the sunshine and be healthy. The brand identity is in a simple shape that combines the words “Pin” and “Li” with the symbolic meaning of effective ingredients and the implication of putting human health first. The brand packaging uses the logo to extend the brand pattern symbolizing the medical cross to enhance the professional feeling of the brand. In addition, in highlighting the different products, the packaging is matched with hue tones, bronzing and embossed lines, i.e. the Perfect Care (Pin-Li) EPA90 is in the shape of a heart and the Perfect Care (Pin-Li) Probiotics is in the shape of a circle that means circulatory system.