Shitamachi Kizoku Brand Identity


Client|下町貴族 Shitamachi Kizoku
AD & Designer|HAA SOO​​​​​​​
Paper|名片對裱 源圓紙業 貓頭鷹270磅 紅+長瀅紙業 新百代300磅 純白
Print|水木印刷 凸版印刷 正面一色、背面二色 後加工燙色箔 正面霧白
Photo Credits|水木印刷、下町貴族
Released in 2O21

"A woman in Shitamachi who only loves old things." Shitamachi Kizoku, which means the nobles in downtown,  records the things she saw and heard over the years in her own words. The content includes history, culture, Japanese bathhouse, kimonos, castles, and occasionally quite an otaku…Through the humorous and easy-to-relate writing of Shitamachi Kizoku, these lesser-known local scenes are preserved and cause concern. The brand design hopes to show the core characteristics of the brand, such as the local style of Shitamachi in Japan; the blend of classical and modern. Therefore, the logomark combines a map (place), a window (what she sees), and a seal stamp (cherished). And the business card design uses traditional letterpress printing in order to show the value of Shitamachi’s humanity and simplicity.