Marco's Café Brand Packaging


Client|馬可的店 Marco's Café
AD & Designer|HAA SOO​​​​​​​
Paper|紙盒 巨圓紙業 瑞典棉卡 46T.咖啡袋 白牛皮
Photo Credits|馬可的店 Marco's Café​
Released in 2O21

Marco's Yours

Marco's Yours
The second generation young team of the 20-year-old Kaohsiung local cafe Marco’s Café hopes to bring better coffee to consumers in an innovative way. The main focus is on customized coffee, with exclusive coffee, brings customers with more diversified choices, so that Marco’s Café is not only a comfortable and pleasant cafe, but also extends to bring a sense of trust, different from others, and belonging. The design of Marco’s Café is based on the characteristics of “professionalism, innovative performance, flexibility and diversity”. Therefore, the 20-year-old logo was transformed into brand patterns and applied to the brand packaging, to continue the brand’s classic professionalism while bringing a new atmosphere and diverse combination of visuals.